Avoiding Smart Meter Pricing

As discussed on Why Smart Meters are Good, smart meters and time-of-use pricing are good for the Ontario electricity system and the environment. Economists, environmentalists and the government understand this and are therefore mandating smart meters in all Ontario homes by the end of 2010. Although the new smart meter electricity pricing system is more complex (see How Does Smart Meter Electricity Billing Work? ) you can change your lifestyle and save money (see Saving Money With Your Smart Meter).

Nevertheless, this new system of electricity billing will probably not be to the taste of everyone. Some people would like to avoid the multi-tiered pricing built into the smart meter system and not have to worry about shifting their electricity usage to off-peak times. In effect, they want to keep their old electricity billing system with a single fixed price for all electricity used, regardless of what hour it was used. Once time-of-use pricing comes into effect at your home your only option to avoid it is to sign a fixed price electricity contract with an electricity retailer.

While we feel that it is best for the Ontario electricity system that you accept smart meter billing and adapt your life to it, to present a complete picture you can also review recent Ontario 5-Year Fixed Electricity Retailer Rates for those retailers who publish their rates.

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